Theo Laksmana


Direct: +1-310-728-1844


Bio – Theo has been with Bruvion for over 4 years now, and is still the only Asian on staff. He manages day to day travel for a number of corporate entertainment clients, including fashion, and assists with music tour and production travel as well. Theo has been to over 30 countries and brings a wealth of travel experience to the team.


What is your favorite city to visit? Jakarta, it’s my home, the city where I was born. Where 90% of my family still lives. Traffic is horrendous. But the food is the best in the world.


What is your favorite beach?Big Beach in Maui (Makena Beach) Beautiful warm weather, gorgeous beach, and BEST place to body board/body surf. But the waves will kick your butt.


What is your best airline experience? Air New Zealand business/first from LAX-LHR. Cool, very comfortable seats, great service.


What one thing must you have with you when you travel? Google Translate app on my Iphone. It saved my life in Brazil.