“Travel agents aren’t last resorts, they are first resorts

– Theo Laksmana (Bruvion Travel Manager)

Who Are We?

Bruvion Travel is a specialty travel firm, founded by industry leaders Ken Bruce, John Rukavina and Jason Couvillion.  Bruvion is headquartered in the west end of the legendary Sunset Strip, in the heart of the Los Angeles, the Entertainment Capital of the World!

Our clients receive unparalleled, around the clock service, refined by the knowledge gathered from decades of experience providing travel management to the biggest names in film, television and music.

When the curtains close on a final tour performance, or a long shooting schedule wraps, our clients put their valuable time for rest and relaxation in our hands.

From planning the logistics of an international music tour for some of the most iconic artists in the music industry, to our access to the ultimate luxury getaway for those requiring privacy and security, our knowledge and international relationships makes us a truly unique player in the entertainment travel industry.

Our own travel experiences and extensive planning and research guarantee our clients access to the newest, most exciting destinations around the world.

We look forward to guiding you on your professional and personal adventures!


Our Partners 


Social Responsibility

“ a man there was, though some did count him mad. The more he cast away the more he had.”

 – John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress


We believe in giving back for what we have received.  We give of our time & resources to various organizations to help brighten a corner of the universe.


Bruvion is grateful to be able to support the following organizations: