Ashley O’Bryant


Direct: +1-310-728-1829


Bio – I’m a second generation, Los Angeles native and happily call Toluca Lake home. Music, sports, crafting and the outdoors make me happiest. Also, there’s nothing quite like a great road trip! Before landing at Bruvion Travel, I previously worked in film and television production and most recently, a pediatric cancer foundation. Fun fact: I’m half Finnish!


What is your favorite city to visit?  Seattle. Although to be fair, I should really say the entire Pacific Northwest. It’s just so beautiful.


What is your favorite beach?  I spent many summer days at Zuma beach in Malibu. It will forever be special to me.


What is your best airline experience?  As a little girl traveling to my grandmother’s house as an unaccompanied minor on Southwest Airlines, I once got to hand out peanuts to the entire plane during cabin service. I felt like the coolest kid ever!


What one thing must you have with you when you travel? Definitely earplugs.