Christina Johnson


Direct: +1-310-728-1813

Bio: My greatest passions in life include travel and music, so it’s fitting that I became a travel advisor for touring musicians and artists. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures, and having been to over 50 countries has only made me want to travel more.

Which is your favorite city to visit? And why? Budapest, Hungary. From the dramatic and historic architecture along the Danube river, to the spectacular thermal baths, lively market halls, and world class nightlife, Budapest is one of the most underrated cities in Europe.

Which is your favorite beach? Any of the beaches in southern Thailand, including Railay Beach in Krabi. Arriving by long tail boat is a must, because the ride through emerald green waters between towering rock formations is the quintessential exotic beach experience.

Name one thing you must have with you when you travel. And why? A camera! Whether it’s just the one on my phone, or a digital SLR, I like to document every little detail. Re-living my travels through photos of the food, landmarks, locals, and candids of my travel companions, makes the memories endure and the experiences timeless.

Travel Tip: Plan ahead. This makes the most of your time while traveling, in addition to having access to flights and hotels that would otherwise be sold out if booked last minute. Scrambling to make decisions right before (or during) your trip limits your options, and will end up costing significantly more.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work? I have always loved rock and roll music, seeing live theater or comedy, and volunteering with local animal shelters. I also dabble in the fine arts, and love trying new things.

Working Languages: English  / Spanish