John Rukavina  


Direct: +1-310-728-1802


Bio – John is one of the founders of Bruvion, and he is really the person who started the whole company with one celebrity client many years ago.  He deals day to day with many of Hollywood’s elite, and can create almost any travel experience that a client would want.  He is also the creator of the Bruvion name, ask him where it came from.


What is your favorite city to visit? Berlin. The city is edgy, fun and sophisticated. What I aspire to be in real life.


What is your favorite beach? West Street Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. There is practically no place I would rather be.


What is your best airline experience? Alitalia Magnifica class from Rome to Los Angeles.


What one thing must you have with you when you travel? A small travel size bottle of my favorite fragrance.